Evacuation at UTT Arima


by: Peter Christopher

The Uni­ver­si­ty of Trinidad & To­ba­go O’Meara cam­pus was evac­u­at­ed af­ter an in­sec­ti­cide, which was sprayed on the premis­es this morn­ing, made staff un­well.

Deputy Chair­man of Uni­ver­si­tyPro­fes­sor Clement Im­bert con­firmed the evac­u­a­tion took place to Guardian Me­dia.

Health and Safe­ty of­fi­cers or­der the cam­pus be evac­u­at­ed af­ter sev­er­al mem­bers of staff com­plained about feel­ing nau­seous.

The scent was said to be over­pow­er­ing.

Guardian Me­dia was told it seemed like in­sec­ti­cide was com­ing through the air con­di­tion­ing vents

The cam­pus was cleared by 10am.

Pro­fes­sor Im­bert said the fields at the fa­cil­i­ty are sprayed over the week­end, but in­stead the fu­mi­ga­tion took place at around 5am morn­ing.

“We have some ser­vice providers who spray the fields, and the grass area in O’Meara. They are sup­posed to tell us when they are go­ing to spray, and we would on­ly give per­mis­sion to spray on week­ends, ” said Im­bert, “We did not give them per­mis­sion to spray this morn­ing.

Im­bert told Guardian Me­dia that gas usu­al­ly took two to four hours to clear, so the cam­pus was or­dered evac­u­at­ed un­til lunch time.


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