Pious Duntin

I am 64 years, and I was born at Fifth Company Village, Moruga. As a child, our mother/father gave us little work in our home—we would walk to the garden, to school and back home and we would walk to the standpipe with buckets to get water for home duty.
Little did we children know, it would help to shape our lives for the future. Early morning walks and walks at sunset before dark when the air is most pure.
Today, that has changed. Our children eat lots of sugar and salt, they drink no water at times and sometimes they drink less water, making it difficult to flush out their bodies. They sit in front of the tv and they play with their phones and other devices.
Mothers and fathers, this is only one reason why our children are sick, and mothers and fathers are sick too.
Just a word to the wise, you may ask where the sugar and salt are coming from…well, it is coming from the snack packs. Take note, be wise.


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